True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

+ Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of. Comment and tell me what you wanna see! I'll be uploading new videos now! Watch my other Shaolin videos here: Watch a remastered version [...]

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu Fighting

+ Enter the Dragon - Recommended Martial Art VideosVIEW ALL Taekwondo vs kickboxing Dealing with the hook punch using Ghost Hands Dim Mak method Martial Arts Training – Kajukenbo Advanced [...]

kung fu

+ kung fu - Recommended Martial Art VideosVIEW ALL Bando kickboxing training Defending the Single Leg Takedown in Wing Chun Sparring The Traditional Martial Art: Muay Boran Class

dragon form kung fu

+ in chinese, this is called 'long hua quan',long means dragon,hua means culture or somethin else,and quan means fist. so i call it dragon style kung fu.and wu dan kung fu has an old [...]

Wudang Kung Fu

+ sharing some footage i took in wudang mountain during summer 2011, i'm sorry about the bad quality. i'm not talented at uploading videos.. song: "My name is Lincoln" from [...]