Aikido Irimi Nage Instructional

+ Develop the correct sense of movement and timing in Irimi Nage Omote technique with Kiri Otomi drills. PC1, Unit 9, Ryo Kata Dori, Part 4 Irimi Nage Early Encounters Sample © SAA Distance [...]

Aikido Ude Garami Instructional

+ Suomin Aikido Academy | Marubashi Principle Explanation applied in Aikido Practice | Kata Dori Practice Organization | The Grip Fixation Method to Ude Garami | Legs Takedown Counters | The [...]

Aikido Randori Basics

+ Multiple Attackers in Aikido. Randori Basics in Slow Motion presented by Aikido Professor Edward Suomin. Progress Cycle 2 | Upper Intermediate Level. Sequential Approach with Suomin Aikido [...]

Aikido Kokyu Ho Instructional

+ Aikido Foundations | Experience original SAA instructions: Aikido Professor Edward Suomin explains how to increase comprehension and develop your skills of Kokyu Ho in standing. Sample: [...]

Nikkyo Counters

+ Aikido counter techniques. Check your Nikkyo skills by countering the technique. Consider the SAA Nikkyo mechanics. Krav Maga – The deadly Israel martial art - Recommended Krav Maga [...]