kalaripayattu training documentary-kalaripayattu techniques-varma kalai- kalari fight basic exercise

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kalaripayattu training documentary-kalaripayattu techniques-varma kalai- kalari fight basic exercise

The Buddha International academy of kalaripayattu (Buddha Kalari), an academy of Kalaripayattu and centre for Marma has the distinction of keeping alive the great legacy of martial arts handed down for generations since 1924. This pioneering institution was the first traditional school in Kerala to offer training Kalaripayattu in the Southern style. During the last eight decades it has pioneered many schools of thoughts and practices and has guided the evolution of the tradition of Kalaripayattu. The centre has spearheaded the promotion and propagation of the tradition of Kalaripayattu by organizing many International and National level performances and workshops on Kalaripayattu and by running an year round training programme for local and foreign students at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, South India. Buddha Kalari also runs a traditional 'Kalarichikitsa' clinic specializing in Ayurvedic Orthopaedic treatments. The present Kalari Master Dr. C.S. Suchith represents the third generation of a family that has preserved the ethos of Kalaripayattu and Marma Treatment in its true spirit and value.

Dr. C.S. Suchith, the Chief Master of Buddha Kalari, started his martial arts career from his childhood. He represents the third generation of Kadakkal Vilakom family that has preserved the ethos of Kalaripayatt in its true spirit and value. He has won the Kalaripayat Championship several times. Since 1990, he is the Chief Master of Buddha Kalari. Dr. C.S. Suchith has dedicated his life to the preservation of the ancient martial arts tradition of Kalaripayattu, by running the Buddha Kalari at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Southern Indian state of Kerala. By virtue of his long dedication and devotion to his Masters, who trace their lineage to the mighty Sage Agastya, he has acquired the knowledge of the Marmas and has on record, on the ancient palm leaves and other manuscripts, the treatments for virtually every known ailment, disability and injury. Dr. C.S. Suchith is an expert in marma, and can make a cock, goat or any other animals and even human beings unconscious with a simple hit in the marma point and can revive them with another hit. He has written a book on the science of Marma 'MARMA SASTRAM'. His Highness Sri Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the most revered member of the Travancore Royal family has praised the efforts done by Dr. C.S. Suchith and Buddha Kalari in the field of Marma treatment in the preface to the book. We are proud to announce that our Master has completely cured a numerous bed ridden patients suffering from severe back pain, arthritis and spondylosis.

At Buddha Kalari, the rich spiritual heritage passed down from the Guru to the disciple for the last eight decades is being kept alive by
Dr. C.S. Suchith, the present Kalari Master and Marma expert.
We believe that the key to health lies in the synchronisation of body, mind and soul. Once the body is healed and the mind is relaxed, the two can be brought together in harmony through the practice of meditation. The richness of the spiritual heritage, the quality of the marma treatments and the calibre of the martial arts practiced are all tastefully reflected in our beautiful structures and herbal gardens.

We are proud to announce that we provide simple, humble accommodation with a small master bedroom, second bedroom with attached bathroom, a small drawing and dining room. In Kalari one can view treatment room, prayer hall and the medicinal herbal garden.

Good food will lead to a healthy body, which in turn will lead to a healthy mind. At Buddha Kalari, we put practice this by growing our own vegetables, fruits etc in a very organic way. Fresh vegetarian cuisines are prepared in the very traditional style of Kerala for our guests.

Buddha Kalari is a place where the traditions and customs of Kerala are preserved and honoured. Daily two poojas and sacred chantings are performed in our Kalari. Guests are most welcome to these poojas.

The Buddha Kalari lies on the outskirts of Trivandrum City. The area is very calm and quite. You wake up to the call of the birds. In the evenings one can hear soft Temple music. We take pain to keep our Ashram as eco-friendly as possible.
Yoga and meditation
Yoga is a way of bringing into harmony the body, the mind and emotions in a simple, gentle yet focused way that improves posture and increase suppleness. Yoga and meditation brings man to a natural state of tranquility, which is equilibrium. Yogic exercise have both a preventive and curative value.

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