30 No Gi Takedowns

 In Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Just some No-Gi Takedowns. Kinda sloppy but all tested in several sparring and or live competition scenarios. I should mention that its actually a "knee bump to hip toss" not a "hip bump" and the arm screw is more effective if the head is tucked into the opponent's shoulder. And a warning on the waist drag, If you sit on or trap the opponent's foot and keep it from twisting when you drag them down you risk injuring their knee. Also the "head to knee" should be used with caution. UPDATE!!! I was unaware that the leg scissor are so dangerous to execute on an opponent since I never had a problem with them myself. But much smarter and better guys than myself have educated me on the matter. So please be careful.
Steven Kesting explains it best here:
and here is the infamous Judo match: