Wing Chun Tai Chi training in Vietnam Sept 15th 2018 Join Master Wong

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Wing Chun Tai Chi training in Vietnam Sept 15th 2018 Join Master Wong
Join Master Wong and Elite group of high performers in Vietnam's exclusive Phu Luong Mountain Retreat. Experience the culture of Vietnam along with the beautiful picturesque sceneries. Spend time recharging your body, mind and soul with a morning Tai Chi and energy rejuvenating practice during sunrise, followed by healthy organic traditional Vietnamese food: fresh fruit for breakfast and a Viet cuisine lunch, followed by another private afternoon training session working on Self Defence and Confidence development. Whether you are a total beginner or a pro, Master Wong has what you are looking for!

Master Wong Vietnam Training Experience 10-13 days from Sept 15th 2018. Last date for Deposit is 30th April. Spaces are limited. For more info:

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My name is Master Wong. I created the Master Wong System in 1992. As a Martial Arts Master it is my sincere desire for all of my students worldwide to gain the skills they need and improve the quality of their lives, by following the principles of my system.

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