What is Jujitsu?

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What is Jujitsu?

This video is my attempt to explain jujitsu to an adult who may be thinking about taking a beginning jujitsu class, but is not sure what it involves. I try to very briefly answer the questions: "What is jujitsu?" and "What is Small Circle jujitsu?" by explaining my own experience and using clips from training at my school. If you're curious about the children's class, see my other video.

As I say in the video, no disrespect of anyone else's art is intended. No art is right for everyone, and every art is right for someone. Find an art that works for you. This video should help you decide if jujitsu is your art.

I'm told that Small Circle Jujitsu is a registered trademark. Check out their website for details.

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  • Martin L Holloway

    Jujutsu is the art of physics concerning centrifugal and centrapidal forces in general. Big part of Jujutsu is taisabaki for angles at hooking, trapping or striking. Aikijujutsu is a huge influence to most Japanese grappling including Korean Hapkido, Krave Maga, etc.

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