Tai Chi Chin Na – taiji chuan Lesson 1

 In Chin na

Tai Chi Chin Na – taiji chuan Lesson 1

Tai Chi Chin Na – taiji chuan
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What is Tai Chi Chin Na? Chin Na is the joint control through the use of Tai Chi in grappling range. Classes of the tai chi forms and qi gong must have been accomplished long before learning tai chi moves in Chin Na. Chin Na is not ideal for beginners. You should have a strong tai Chi foundation before learning Tai Chi Chin Na. It’s an advance skill to master should you want the tai Chi movements to work in combat. Master Wong shows explain clearly hand positions when grabbing the opponent. Turning your attackers joints are key to making Chin Na work.

In general, the Chi kung or qigong breathing exercise and the tai chi exercises bring much health benefits. The movements will strengthen your muscles and joints and improve your balance and co-ordination externally.
As you master breathing you will become more aware of your bodies natural systems and begin to balance and control your respiration and circulation internally. Meditating while balancing your body internally and externally will lead to a balanced mind. Your memory will be better, you will pick things up quicker and the decisions you make in your life will be easier.
But when it comes to tai chi fighting, it’s a bigger challenge to get it right, as it requires precision, accuracy and speed. If you’re a tai Chi fan, Chin Na will defiantly impress you!

There are 5 styles of Tai Chi forms. Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Ng.
Tai Chi chuan or also known as Taijiquan was originated by a Shaolin monk Chan San Feng, while studying in the Taoist monasteries on Wudang Mountain. It benefits health and fitness, and practiced martially as it was intended is an extremely effective form of combat and self-defence.
Tai Chi is sometimes translated as ‘supreme ultimate’ or ‘great polarity’ and is expressed in the symbol of yin and yang. A universal force composed of the powers of yin and yang is central to Taoist philosophy. ‘Chuan’ means fist or boxing, Tai chi Chuan means supreme ultimate boxing or grand ultimate fist, the highest attainable martial art using the principles of yin and yang.

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