Judo Resistance Band Training

This is an old video of a Judoka training by using an old bicycle inner tube. I uploaded this to show people a cool way to train when you're not at the gym. The bicycle inner tubes can [...]

Judo training for London 2012

Judo training unit in USK Prague team for London 2012 and World cups. The TEAM and World champion Lukas Krpalek and Coach Petr Lacina training speed, power and technique also with unique concept [...]

Aikido Weapons Demonstration

Aikido weapons, Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff) as taught in the Kolesnikov's School (KSMBDA). Weapons help to extend our Ki power (energy) further. We look at weapons as an art [...]

WingChun System

A diverse demonstration of the unique WingChun system by International Academy of WingChun® (IAW) Students and Instructors: • Sifu Klaus Brand, Grandmaster • Sifu Alexander Lemuth, 5th MD • [...]