Taekwondo in the K-1, Muay Thai & Kickboxing Ring (2011)

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This is the 2011 version of the "Taekwondo in the K-1, Muay Thai & Kickboxing Ring" highlight.

This is a highlight of Taekwondo kicking techniques being used by fighters in the K-1, Muay Thai & Kickboxing rings.

This video is NOT about style superiority. It was simply made to show that both formal and sport TKD techniques are indeed effective weapons for the ring, whether it's for low-level or high-level professional competition.

Also, this video is not saying that other martial arts styles don't have similar techniques (there are many styles that do). However, the ones demonstrated in this video are all Taekwondo techniques being performed by experienced Taekwondo stylists.

Some of the fighters featured:

Keiji Ozaki (Japan) – TKD Champ (J.T.A.)
Serkan Yilmaz (Turkey) – TKD Champ (W.T.F./I.T.F.)
Steve Vick (Australia) – TKD Champ (W.T.F.)
Hassan Kassrioui (Morocco) – TKD Champ (W.T.F./I.T.F.)
Lucio Aurelio (Brazil) – TKD Champ (W.T.F.)
Park Yong Soo (S.Korea) – TKD Champ (W.T.F.)
Cyrus Washington (USA) – TKD Champ (W.T.F.)
Micah Brock (USA) – TKD Champ (W.T.F.)
Lukasz Jurkowski (Poland) – TKD Champ (I.T.F.)

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