Missing Student – Taekwondo/Hapkido (Action-Comedy) Movie


Amazing kicking power can be learned with Taekwondo. Don’t forget about ground fighting and enhanced throwing and locking techniques. Checkout the MMA training below.

Mr. Eddie has been absent for many classes. Master Martin has had enough and will make sure he brings up his attendance. Get ready for some martial arts action and training montages with some good laughs.

Martin Chan's channel

Teknoaxe channel

Atom Phly Media website

Dardrex Productions
Atom Phly Media

Sa Bum Nim – Martin Chan
Mr. Eddie – Eddie Ramos

Director of Photography
Frank Hernandez

Secondary Camera Opperator
Darren Holmquist

Fight Choreographer
Darren Holmquist
Martin Chan

Martin Chan

Frank Hernandez

Production Asst.
Hilda Hernandez

Color Correction
Frank Hernandez

Edited By
Darren Holmquist

Directed By
Darren Holmquist
Frank Hernandez

Kevin MacLeod

Special Thanks to Dragon Han Martial Arts.

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