In Judo


Fighting Films has released a three DVD boxset on former Olympic and triple World Champion Kosei Inoue. Filmed with super slow motion cameras and using cinematic lighting judo will never look the same again! It will include all of Inoue's secrets, training methods and techniques. Everything is filmed in a studio, followed by Inoue's competition examples from around the world. There is also an exclusive hour long interview with Inoue that spans the three DVDs.

DVD 1, 'Inoue The Uchimata'. Inoue reveals everything about Uchimata, from how it became his favourite technique, to Uchikomi, training methods and a breakdown of every one of his eight different variations of Uchimata. The DVD also contains analysis and interview with Inoue on the 2000 Olympic Games, when he produced arguably the greatest Olympic performance and throw of all time. Inoue also speaks about starting judo and his incredible Ippon judo mentality

DVD 2, 'Inoue The Judoka' contains everything about Inoue's Kumi-kata. See how Inoue became one of the world's best grip fighters, how he fought against right and left handed opposition and how he set up opponents for his deadly Uchimata. Inoue also reveals his Ouchi-gari, the foil to his Uchimata. In the interview Inoue talks about winning the 1999 and 2001 World Championships, and when, in 2001, he became the first non super-heavyweight to win the All Japan Championships.

DVD 3, 'Inoue The Samurai'. In the most significant part of the exclusive interview, Inoue gives a remarkable insight into his Samurai tradition and the philosophy behind his judo. Inoue reveals his Harai-goshi, Osoto-gari, Ashi-waza, Shime-waza and three different Seoi-nages that he used in competition. We see how Inoue obliterated all opposition at the 2003 World Championships, the crushing lows of losing at the 2004 Olympic Games and a two-year injury absence, and his comeback at +100kgs, when he won the 2007 Paris Tournament.