JUDO TECHNIQUES: Toshihiko Koga 古賀 稔彦 (JPN) – Judo Clinic / Aim to win by Ippon (2013)

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Explains how to execute waza, and the circulation of renzoku (continuous) waza in details with Ai Yotsu, Kenka Yotsu formation. Contains a quick tips of techniques of Uchikomi and how to win Kumite.

Toshihiko Koga (古賀 稔彦 Koga Toshihiko, born November 21, 1967) is a retired Judoka, 3-time World Champion and Olympic champion, who competed in the -71 kg and -78 kg divisions.

JUDO clinic by Toshihiko Koga / Aim to win by ippon !
第1章: 組み手の基本 (Basics of Kumite)
第2章: 打ち込みの基本〜一本勝ちを目指して (Basics of Uchikomi)
第3章: 相四つの時の技 (Aiyotsu)
1: 背負投 Seoi-nage
2: 一本背負投 Ippon-seoi-nage
3: 巴投げ Tomoe-nage
4: 大外刈 Osoto-gari
5: 袖釣込腰 Sode-tsurikomi-goshi
6: 大内刈 Ouchi-gari
7: 内股 Uchi-mata
8: 払腰 Harai-goshi
9: 体落 Tai-otoshi
10: 背負落 Seoi-otoshi
11: 小内刈 Kouchi-gari
第4章: ケンカ四つの時の技 (Kenka yotsu)
1: 背負投 Seoi-nage
2: 一本背負投 Ippon-seoi-nage
3: 巴投 Tomoe-nage
4: 大外刈(3種類) Osoto-gari
5: 足払いフェイントからの小内刈 Kouchi-gari
6: 小外掛(3種類) Kosoto-gake
7: 腰車 Koshi-guruma
8: 大内刈(2種類) Ouchi-gari
9: 内股(3種類) Uchi-mata
10: 払腰(3種類) Harai-goshi
11: 二段背負落 Nidan-seoi-otoshi
12: 袖釣込腰(4種類) Sode-tsurikomi-goshi
第5章: 色々な打ち込み (Various Uchikomi)
第6章: 組み手に勝つワンポイント・テクニック (Technique of Kumite)
特典映像: 古賀稔彦スペシャルインタビュー (Interview)

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