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Hi, I’m going to teach you guys how to tie a Taekwondo belt. I’m going to teach you guys two ways.

So first way, we’re going to get about this much belt. We’re going to put it on the side. We’re going to wrap around from your stomach to the back, and wrap it around. Now I want you to layer it on top like this, making it into a straight line, and we’re going to roll it two times. So one more time, one, and two.

Now, the overlayering belt we’re going to actually wrap it around. We’re going to go from the bottom inside and coming up this way. Now we’re going to take out the first layer, or the bottom layer belt and out. Now you want to make sure both ends of the belt are even. We’re going to tuck.

Now if you notice it’s a little bit uneven, you’re going to kind of push and pull and get it right. I’m going to place the belt in the center and, again, give it a little tuck. The bottom we’re going to turn, and the top is going to go to the top. And we’re going to wrap around, one, and do the final tuck, two. And that’s one way.

The second way we’re going to do this. We’re going to actually hold the belt from the center. So we’re going to place it on your stomach, one, and we’re going to wrap it around and put it one layer under, one layer on top. And we’re going to meet in the center, again, right here.

Now, again, the overlayering belt we’re going to wrap it around, going down to up, inside, and give it a little tuck. And again, measure from here. Now we’re going to turn the bottom belt like this, and top goes to top. And we’re going to wrap it around from the inside, and we’re going to give it a final tuck. And this is how we wrap a Taekwondo belt.

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