East Asia Philippines FMA Cebu – ESCRIMA ARNIS STICK FIGHTING Disarms Part1

 In Arnis Kali Escrima

East Asia Philippines FMA Cebu – ESCRIMA ARNIS STICK FIGHTING Disarms Part1

Fast student progress is our goal!

Our training philosophy is to give you as much knowledge as possible in the time you are here to train with us, we cover the essentials in knife, stick and hand fighting.

With this knowledge the students are then able to take this information home with them and improve up their skill level to meet this new level of knowledge. We do drills, we teach knife and stick weaponry and we train.. What we do not do is fill valuable class time with anaerobic or exercises for fitness. We feel a student can do this on his own time out of lesson time.

We encourage all forms of martial arts, physical fitness and meditations but our class time is for learning new understandings of martial arts, anatomy, leverage, gravitational forces, pressure points, effective body movements all in the inclination of becoming a more proficient martial arts street capable fighter.

We are not training any sports based competitive methods. Actually what we teach would be considered a constant breach of the rules in competitive hand to hand or stick fighting. Yet we teach and train in a friendly cordial fashion as we train for street defense not street attack.

If you think this is for you please just send me an email and ill be happy to respond to any questions you may have! martialarm@gmail.com

Training includes daily –

1 hour of knife defense and edge weapons training –
1 hour of stick Arnis Escrima Balintawak training –
2 hours of hand to hand combat Silat kung fu street style fighting.

1 – We teach an advanced form of hand to hand system founded by the late Grandmaster Lawrence Lee

2 – We teach a complete knife attack defense system founded by the late Grandmaster Larry Alquezar

3 – We teach a very advanced form of long and close range balintawak escrima arnis stick style founded by the Rosada Lineage directly linked back to Venancio "Anciong" Bacon.

Training Costs: ***

We now have a new accommodation package is a very large beautiful training garden highly secure location and visually spectacular.
We are now providing accommodations for all our students at the Philippines Sculpture Gardens.

We offer your own very large elite room with private bathroom and air conditioning, extensive flower gardens and bar area for training.

We are close to beaches and local attractions. Including high speed wifi Internet connection.

All rooms connect to a large common social room with lounge seating, TV with a huge range of dvds, books and also billiards table.


$225 = per month for huge private room with toilet facilities and super fast wifi Internet connection.

$800 = per month for training 5 days a week – reduced from $1000 per month – discount available up to the end of 2104

= US$1025 per month for training and private accommodation

**Additional $2.50 per day for fruit eggs toast coffee breakfast.

**Additional $225 per month for three meals per day Asian and European style meals thats about $3.00 per meal

**Additional $100 per month for air conditioning in the room

**Additional elite weekend training with my masters and grandmasters is available on request.

Food – private accommodation – training – Wifi Internet – air-conditioning

Half the accommodation costs ($110) per month if you are willing to share a room with a current student if another student share is available.

With access to tour guilds and drivers if needed

Cebu north Philippines..

Including a private room on the training site:

Including fast Internet access
Including training lessons up to 4 hours per day

We train at location inside the training camp, also at local beaches, caves and water falls.

Please email for further details on the location, lodgings, training styles and availability email : martialarm@gmail.com

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