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A tiny snippet of my Jujitsu. This is just a normal club training night. I have put it on You Tube NOT for education purposes but to allow the general public to see what we do. Please note that in the interest of safety, all the high power striking, speed and aggression required for 'Actual Combat' is not present, just the 'core' technique. The joint locking finishes are kept loose and applied slowly to avoid injuries in training.
WE ARE NOT "Family Martial Arts" !!!! We are around the corner, been established for years. No Direct Debits – No Standing Orders – No Inflated Fees. 75% Cheaper. Visit us at www.BuryMartialArts.co.uk or www.ScorpionJujitsu.co.uk – Victoria St, Bury
0161 761 1126 Bury Martial Arts Centre