Basic Kendo Suburi (Practice Swings) w/Andy Fisher

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Basic Kendo Suburi (Practice Swings) w/Andy Fisher

*UPDATE 2016* – Andy has now left All Japan Budogu, and is no longer presenting AJBTV. You can follow his NEW channel here –

In this episode of AJBTV, Andy Fisher (All Japan Budogu's Director of International Sales – Kendo 5dan) takes us through some basic pointers for the most fundamental exercises in Kendo.

Although longer than a regular episode of AJBTV, Andy goes in to detail on several important aspect of Kendo Suburi.

Covering :
– Important points for when practicing Suburi
– Jouge Suburi
– Naname Suburi
– Kuukan Datotsu : Men, Sayuu Men, Kote and Sayuu Dou Suburi
– Hayasuburi

This video is intended to be used as a supplement to Kendo practice at a legitimate Kendo club, under the instruction of a qualified teacher. All views expressed in this video are those of Andy Fisher, and may or may not concur with the views of other Kendo instructors – we advise that all Kendo students should follow the instruction of their own teachers, should it in any way contradict the content of this video.

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